Collab.Net Acquires Enterprise Business from SourceForge

Bill Portelli, the CEO of CollabNet, just sent out the public notice that CollabNet has acquired the SourceForge Enterprise Edition Business from VA Software. In his letter to employees, Bill wrote:

The combination of our two teams and our joint expertise make CollabNet the undisputed standard for the new collaborative and distributed method in which industry leaders are now developing software. Our combined company will now have greater than 300 enterprise customers with greater than 1.1 million users in dozens of countries worldwide…. CollabNet will integrate the SourceForge Enterprise Edition employees of VA Software immediately into CollabNet’s organization.

This acquisition is a significant milestone for Collab, the company that O’Reilly co-founded with Brian Behlendorf back in 1999 with the idea that network-enabled collaboration was a key part of the secret sauce of open source. The tools used by the best open source projects have indeed become a key part of the toolchest for corporate developers as well.

There’s more information, including an FAQ about the acquisition [pdf] available on the Collab site.