Ignite Keynote Speakers

At the Web 2.0 Expo last night we had our first Ignite event outside of Seattle. 16 great speakers talked about things like WebFS (a file-exchange protocol), starting a company from the South Pole, a just-launched remote usability service, , and how to get free press. We had two block of 8 speakers and we used Mozes to pick three Ignite talks to become keynote talks.

Here are the three selected Ignite talks that will be keynotes on Wednesday at the Web 2.0 Expo.

timothy ferris
Timothy Ferriss (Random House/Crown Publishing, ) – Mastering the Low-Information Diet How to detox from excessive e-mail, Crackberry, Twitter, and related tech heroin to reclaim time and your life. Lifehacks on steroids from a Princeton University guest lecturer in high-tech entrepreneurship. Is it possible to check e-mail once a week? If you do it this way, yes.

jane mcgonigalJane McGonigal (Institute for the Future, Avant Game) – Happiness Hacking Future consumers will evaluate technologies on the basis of happiness metrics. Therefore, we should start making technologies that pass “the deathbed test” and improve everyday quality of life. Alternate reality games show the way!

Colin BulthaupColin Bulthaup(Squid Labs, Potenco) – How do you create a power infrastructure in developing countries
How we are developing a host of products that will change the way power is delivered and utilized, in both developing and developed countries.

Photos: Scott Beale

Updated: One more ignite speaker added!

Christy Candida
Christy Canida (Instructables, ) – K’Nex Guns: Open-Source Hardware on Instructables

Everyone wants open-source hardware, but how do we get there? A group of K’Nex gun-building kids has actually done it on Instructables; I’ll explain how.