OASIS Symposium on OpenDocument Format

The OASIS Symposium on open standards is hosting a workshop April 18th in San Diego on the OpenDocument format (ODF). It’ll include sessions by Michael Brauer from Sun, Pete Brunet and Rob Weir from IBM, and others, on accessibility, programmability, interoperability, and adoption. ODF, used by OpenOffice.org, KOffice, and StarOffice, has been turning heads lately as it gains traction in governments and corporations seeking the long-term stability of an open data format for documents. Microsoft, while not supporting ODF directly, is sponsoring an open source project to create a translator between ODF and Word files. If you haven’t heard about ODF yet, or would like to hear more, this workshop is a great opportunity. From Jane Harnand of OASIS: “Attendance at this half-day workshop is free with Symposium registration and also available separately for 50 USD for OASIS Members and 75 USD for non-members. See the OASIS Symposium registration page for more details.”