Parakey has Internships

parakey logo

This looks like a great opportunity for anyone looking to be involved in something from the groundfloor. Parakey, the RIA platform and application company founded by the creators of FireFox and FireBug, has some three month internships available. They are looking for a group of hackers to obsess over their project with them. Python is desired and Flash is a plus.

I’ve been curious about Parakey since i read the first article on it, but their site has been pretty spare since then. Finally with the internships page they are describing themselves in their own words:

Parakey is both a platform and a set of applications. The platform, written in Python, C++ and JavaScript, offers a means of building applications that merge the best of the desktop and the Web. Like desktop apps, these apps work offline, offer more privacy than pure websites, run quickly, and integrate with the system. But like Web apps, they are also more creative, visually alluring, accessible from anywhere and potentially accessible by anyone. In short, Parakey apps are designed to be both useful and social, a combination that is too rare today.

What separates Parakey from others in this space is that we’re building not just the platform but also the first set of applications on top of it. We enjoy programming, but ultimately we started this company to make computers better for average users. When people need to call their “computer friend” in 2007 to install a program, scan a document, burn a CD or show a picture to a friend, there is a problem. Fixing it will take time and the patience to sit down with users and understand them.

I haven’t seen their product yet, but I am looking forward to checking it out. I really want to see how it compares to Apollo, it’s main competition as far as I can tell.

[Disclosure: Parakey is an
OATV company, the O’Reilly VC arm]