Django: Python Framework


Django, the Python web-application framework, now has its own gallery site. Djangosites now has 159 sites listed. To be listed the site must have been made with Django. You can view sites by rating, comment, and latest. Djangosites also makes it easy to find sites that make their source code available. I find it very easy to pick out sites created with Rails, they mostly have a similar feel. Looking through the gallery I don’t find the same thing with Django sites.

I am sure that the gallery site will expand in time. Python book sales are up and I suspect that Django is a part of it (the sales of the forthcoming book will be the real telltale). Django is also starting to expand internationally. As listed in the June 26th Django Status Update, Django-fr and Django En Español were recently created. The update also mentions new Django support for S3 and Capistrano’s new support for deploying Django apps. All of these things make the road to adoption that much easier for developers and companies deciding on their platform.