SMS to GCal

I love it when web apps have an SMS interface. I use GOOGL for directory assistance multiple times a week. I use DODGE to alert my friends where I am and I use Twitter for sending out announcements at events. I use Mozes to handle voting at Ignite. I also use Google’s extremely handy Send To Phone Firefox extension to send random web text to my phone. So I was quite happy to find out that Google Calendar has an SMS interface as well. Lifehacker shares the details:

Not only can Google Calendar text message you event notifications, but you can retrieve and add to your GCal by text messaging short code GVENT. Here are the commands:

* Send “next” to get a notification regarding your next scheduled event.

* Send “day” to get a notification containing all of your scheduled events for the present day.

* Send “nday” to get a notification containing all of your events for the following day.

* To add an event, send GVENT Lunch at Josie’s 2PM Saturday.

If you are a Google Calendar user then you should also check out Lifehacker’s Black belt scheduling with Google Calendar.

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