German and Japanese Wikipedia scanner

Time for more excitement on the Wikipedia front. Last week Virgil released the English Wikiscanner, as I wrote about previously. This week, it is time for German and Japanese edits to be exposed, with the newly-released German and Japanese Wikiscanner. Sadly, I don’t read either German nor Japanese, but I am sure some of you readers do. If you find any nice ones, please post them in the comments. Thanks to a tipster, I know of this Scientology ping pong

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  • Anonymous

    “Sadly I don’t read neither German nor Japanese”. OK, I give up. Does this mean you read both German and Japanese or one of the two (my formal logic is a little rustic)?

  • hi arthur, thats relly a great news .I also really very happy to new that i can read wikipedia in german.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t it be “sadly I don’t read either German or Japanese”?

  • Hey I can only say that there is an elitist streak in Radar commenters – what with the linguistics focus.

    This wikiscanner episode once again highlights the need to ALWAYS behave well, not just when one fears one might get caught.

  • I was trying to say that I do not read German and that I do not read Japanese.

    I think the correct way would be “I read neither German nor Japanese”. The don’t was the misstake.

    Now, is it “I don’t read German nor Japenese”, “I don’t read German and Japanese” or “I don’t read Gemrman or Japanese”.


    I enjoy both lingustic fun and fallacy hunting, so by all means, please engage in it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the Italian Wikiscanner…

  • Terryeo

    You have several ways to communicate:

    Sadly, I don’t read either German or Japanese

    Sadly, I read neither German nor Japanese.

    Nor — used in negative phrases after neither, to introduce the second member in series.