Graphing Social Patterns


Facebook developers and partners now have their own conference, Graphing Social Patterns (GSP). GSP has a day of workshops and two days of sessions devoted to business. It’s being held October 7-9 in San Jose, CA. As Conference Chair Dave McClure describes it in a press release:

The conference is intended for business and marketing executives, as well as technical developers, who want to learn more about social networking platforms, applications, marketing, and strategy. The event will feature business and technical education sessions about Facebook, about the new developer platform for Facebook Applications (aka “Platform”) which debuted this past summer, and about the thousands of new Facebook applications (aka “Apps”) launched in the past few months growing like wildfire. There will also be sessions covering the latest product offerings from other social networking companies such as LinkedIn and MySpace; info on where internet giants Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are headed with their social strategies; and info on new social application startups, RockYou, SocialMedia, and ClearSpring, among others. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the event will feature an all-day-all-night “App-a-thon” coding contest for Facebook app developers, culminating in a live demo “AppNite” presentation of the best apps built in the previous twenty-four hours.

Tim is going to be keynoting at GSP. Much of his talk will be based on research that we’ve been doing on Facebook and its new platform. Radar readers can get 30% off if they buy their passes (just use this link) before Wednesday Midnight PST.

Dave McClure is producing the conference this year. In June of 2008, It will be an O”Reilly conference. I am on the Program Committee. Tim and I will both be attending.