Analyzes How Facebook Users Spend Their Time

There was a great post a couple of weeks ago on the blog about how Facebook users spend their time. It’s all summed up in a nifty graphic to boot. This is a great information visualization, packing in lots of useful information. Not unsurprisingly, people spend most of their time browsing profiles, but using applications is getting up there in terms of number of users, and the time spent is almost as long.

how facebook users spend time, from

Facebook is of course getting a lot of attention these days, as one of the fastest growing sites (now #3 in Pageviews according to Compete) and one with lots of developer buzz. We’ve been doing our own analysis of Facebook as an application platform, and will shortly be releasing a report on what we’ve learned. I’ll also be presenting the results, plus thoughts on future directions for social networking, at Dave McClure’s Graphing Social Patterns conference next week.