Ignite Boston 3 – Next week

The third Ignite Boston will be next week – Thursday, May 29, from 6 to 10pm at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. There is no cover charge or any sort of fee. The event is free as in ‘Free Beer’. In fact, Microsoft is sponsoring the night and there will be a free beer for those of you who check in when you get there.

RSVP If you plan to attend, email IgniteBoston at oreilly dot com for the chance to win $300 worth of O’Reilly books of your choosing. You must be present to win. There will likely be other items like tee-shirts and other promo items for those who alert us ahead that they plan to attend.

From 6-6:45 pm, mingle and talk tech with your fellow FOOs, alpha geeks, and techies from the greater Boston area. After the mingling and social stuff, we’ll have a couple of special keynotes by Jonathan Zdziarski and John Viega to kick off our Ignite talks. Then, onto the lightening talks.

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In addition to the two keynotes, here are the talks we have on tap for the evening. They are in no particular order yet.

Firstname Lastname Talk Url
Fish Fishman Stage Magic in virtual worlds http://www.fishthemagish.net
Paul Oka Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope (WWT) http://www.worldwidetelescope.org
Mackenzie Cowell DIY-biology http://diybio.org
Juhan Sonin Interface Design Tenets for Beautiful Design
Benjamin Mako Hill Voting Machinery for the Masses http://selectricity.org
Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos Friend discovery and file sharing in downtown Boston http://cerebro.mit.edu
Shava Nerad Machinimeconomics http://oddfellowstudios.com
Clark Freifeld HealthMap: Automated disease outbreak monitoring http://healthmap.org
Joe Cascio Distributed Twitter http://peeps.3greeneggs.com/joecblog/?p=6
Jeff Whatcott The Open Source Marketing Checklist
Jesse Vincent Web 2.0 is Sharecropping
Brian Balfour Digital Goods, The Future of Online Communities
Alexander Wissner-Gross The environmental footprint of a website http://www.co2stats.com
Patrick Haney Kickballin’ & Parallaxin’ http://patrickhaney.com/presents/parallaxin
Colin Britton Free (as in beer) pictures, videos, stories http://www.freefoto.com
Andrei Kersha Telepresence robots on a budget Ð practical guide to building ones that do not suck

We hope to see you at Tommy Doyles next Thursday evening.

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