Mobile Internet

I enjoyed Going Fast on the Mobile Web, a slide deck on Slideshare. It’s by Jason Grigsby, and has the rough structure of: (1) mobile is huge, (2) iPhone is worth developing for, (3) here’s why other platforms’ mobile experience sucks, and (4) what you can do to fix it. The two slides that really stood out were on points 1 and 2.

The size of mobile (3.3B handsets, one for every two people on the planet) is staggering, and well known (see Communities Dominate Blogs for description of other media’s relative penetration). What made Grigsby’s slide so good was the graph he used to illustrate it.

Graph of 3.3B handsets vs other media

The second killer slide was just why companies are making a fuss over the iPhone and rushing to build iPhone versions of their web sites:

iPhone users surf the web, other mobiles don't

I’ve embedded the preso below. It easily repays the time it takes to read.