Cuts Artists in on Ad Revenue is sharing ad revenue with with bands through its new Artist Royalty Program. From Wired’s Listening Post:

Bands and labels that register (or already registered) will start accruing money into accounts whenever their music is streamed from the site as of today [7/9/08]. The company already pays artists through rights organizations, including SoundExchange, but this new plan allows artists to receive direct payment for their music being streamed without joining …

As Wired notes, some bands are embracing an aggregate model that pulls in multiple revenue streams from a variety of sources — concerts, merchandise, album sales, licensing, etc. A program like’s rev share won’t replace past royalties (those are dwindling or already gone), but it could contribute to a multi-pronged, diversified income.

Writers can employ similar strategies by mixing revenue from traditional outlets (books, columns, teaching, conferences) with ad and affiliate income via blogs and podcasts.

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