Web 2.0 Expo & Web2Open in NYC

The first Web 2.0 Expo NYC is going to start in just two weeks. Just like in SF we have sessions for developers, designers, media & marketers, web ops, and executives. The Development sessions that I am looking forward to the most include John Resig talking about Visual Programming in JS, Cal Henderson talking about scaling video, Toby Segaran hacking the open web’s data and the Ajaxian’s (Ben and Dion) talk with Brendan Eich and Chris Wilson on the Future of Browsers (we’re working on getting someone from Chrome). On the Keynote stage I am really looking forward to Fred Wilson’s talk about NYC’s Web Industry and ending the week with Dan Lyons.


In addition to the main conference content we also support a free unconference where the content is selected by the participants happens on-site. Organizer Nate Westheimer just posted some information about it.

Web2Open is the free un-conference side of the Web 2.0 Expo and takes place on September 17th and 18th, during the Expo. Inspired by the BarCamp movement, Web2Open is where the attendees lead create the conference content. It’s volunteer organized, and offers a fresh, community-oriented take on tech conferences.

One of the best parts of the Web2Open is that it’s free! To register, sign up for Expo pass using the code webny08opn (attendees with conference pass may also participate).

Wondering how you can get involved?

The most important thing you can do is show up, participate in attendee-led sessions, and even propose a session yourself (most sessions are pitched and decided on on-site!).

Also, as you’re gearing up to come to the Open, sign up for the Web 2.0 Expo CrowdVine community and interact with other attendees. There, people are already pitching Web2Open session ideas, and some will be selected as pre-programming in the weeks that follow.

Lastly, we still could use some volunteers! Volunteers will help staff the Web2Open welcome desk, introducing folks to the Open format, helping folks understsand how they can get involved.

There are a lot of empty spaces on the Web2Open’s schedule. Check the wiki if you want to get an early spot.

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  • Putting my attendee hat on for a moment, I’d say this looks like an amazing event. Nate has a great early lineup for the Web2Open and the speakers for the main tracks look great too. Plus, as usual, you’re doing plenty for the lobby con.

  • Hi All

    We have created a conference group on linkedin (http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/145274). Join us there to start networking and setting up meetings for Web2.0 Expo



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