Web Meets World: Privacy and the Future of the Cloud

Yesterday I gave a talk to the Privacy Forum in Auckland, New Zealand, titled Web Meets World: Privacy and the Future of the Cloud. The talk was intended as a scene setter for a discussion with the audience, about 70 lawyers, technologists, consultants, and public policy wonks. They responded well to the challenge, and we talked about the nature of privacy, how expectations change over time, trust.salesforce.com, and more. The presentation is embedded below, and can be downloaded (CC-Attribution-ShareAlike) from Slideshare (I recommend expanding the preso to full-screen so you can read the notes, which contain the text of the talk).

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  • Nat,

    You should do a “slidecast”. It would be immensely improved with your voice as guide.


  • hi, great presentation. But your “download email to your laptop and its safe” example (around slide 101) is kind of unfortunate, remember:

    “Three-judge panel unanimously says that border police may conduct random searches of laptops without search warrants or probable cause. These searches can include seizing the laptop and subjecting it to extensive forensic analysis.”


    (on the slide it says “data in the home = safe”, but the notes tell a different story)


  • Jim Stogdill

    I saw Steven Rambam’s “Privacy is Dead” talk at Last Hope. Can’t find it online but here is a shorter version of the talk that he did in 2007: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-383709537384528624

  • flicked through like a flipbook 191 wholesome frames.

    a lot of semantics lost without accompanying sound huh… barely making out the main points.

    agreeably the Web does need a systematic approach to identity and reputation management