800 Newspapers Coming to Iliad E-Reader

iRex Technologies scores scores of newspapers for its new iLiad e-reader. From E-Reads:

Digitally delivered news is gaining momentum and as we turn the corner to 2009 it’s gotten a rocket boost from the Dutch firm iRex Technologies, which announced it has made a deal with NewspaperDirect to deliver 800 newspapers on iRex’s Digital Reader 1000 …

The iRex/NewspaperDirect partnership will undoubtedly cause some headaches for Amazon.com, too. A visit to Amazon’s Kindle newspaper web page shows 28 listings. The 800 titles to be carried on the iRex 1000, dubbed ‘Kindle Killer’ by some, will obviously dwarf Kindle’s offering. Of course, many of them are foreign language papers like Le Figaro and Die Welt. But 800 is 800 and that’s good news for the environment.

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