Twitter Boot Camp Coming June 15 in New York

Twitter seems simple on the surface, but it takes practice to
harness Twitter’s audience development power. That’s why we’re hosting a one-day Twitter Boot
in New York City on June 15.

Join O’Reilly Media founder and CEO Tim O’Reilly, Edelman Digital
SVP Steve Rubel, Twitter expert Sarah Milstein and others at this
one-day educational event. Speakers and instructors will reveal best
practices you can immediately apply to engage your audience and grow
your business.

Full event information and registration details are available here. Use the
discount code “toc” to get $50 off the registration fee.

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  • Jack

    Its amazing to see Twitter grow from a small failing service to a stable service and serve so many users. It has rapidly developed into an awesome tool for communication. Twitter usage has exploded so much that they soon would need more than 32 bit unsigned int for status ids … wow