Four short links: 18 June 2009

Weaker Copyright Good,, GeoSPARQL, Happiness

  1. Harvard Study Finds Weaker Copyright Protection Has Benefited Society (Michael Geist) — Given the increase in artistic production along with the greater public access conclude that “weaker copyright protection, it seems, has benefited society.” This is consistent with the authors’ view that weaker copyright is “uambiguously desirable if it does not lessen the incentives of artists and entertainment companies to produce new works.” (read the original paper)
  2. Using Public Data for Good With the Power of YQLThe first part is a new batch of YQL tables providing data on the U.S. government, earthquake data, and the non-profit micro-lender Kiva. The second part is an incredibly easy way to render YQL queries on websites. After all, what good is data that no one can see?
  3. GeoSPARQL — RDF meets geo goodness. SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE { ?s gn:name "Dallas" . ?s ?p ?o } (via the geowanking mailing list)
  4. How To Be Happy in Business — this Venn diagram makes me happy. (via Ned Batchedler)


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  • Loving that Venn diagram! Other links look tasty as well – if only there were more hours in the day…

    BTW the last comment (Scuba Diving) was spam – I take it Radar is currently reliant on captchas and don’t have a human backup? Fair enough I guess but letting the spam in does somewhat decrease the likelihood of getting *real* comments.

    Or maybe you’re doing post-filtering in which case that comment may be gone by the time I submit this one.

  • @Seth Wagoner: we use captchas plus MovableType spam detection plus human post filtering (i.e. when I wake up I go through the comments to my post and spam-mark any I see that are egregious).

    Know of a better system?

  • @gnat that should be good enough really.

    Another thing you *could* do is decide that spam filtering is important enough across the O’Reilly network that you can afford to have someone watching a comment queue and rapidly pre or post filtering all comments from people not not on a whitelist, so that it happens faster and doesn’t waste the time of the authors.

    BTW Sorry for the delayed reply, I just came back to this post because I remembered the Venn Diagram and wanted to grab it.