Cloud computing perspectives and questions at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum started a
research project
at Davos 2009 concerning cloud computing, which they broadly define to
include all kinds of remote services, from Software as a Service to
virtual machines.

I was asked to provide some ideas on the implications of cloud
computing for business as well as its future operating environment. To
allow my colleagues and the O’Reilly community to help define the
issues and provide references, I’ve put up a

discussion forum as a wiki
Anyone with relevant and valid ideas can suggest points. I don’t even
mind people listing their businesses and information sources, so long
as the information is relevant and is directed toward the larger
educational goal of the wiki.

I’m holding a phone call with someone from WEF on Thursday,
July 16 where I’ll present my views, augmented by your suggestions.

Here are the categories of the notes I used to seed the wiki.

Update, July 17:The phone conversation with a research director at World Economic Forum went well. She had already seen the wiki. We had a pretty free-ranging discussion during which i brought up my favorite points, including access issues and the need for different types of applications for different populations. I passed on some resources that readers sent me and gave her the URL of this blog with all its comments. I’ll continue to collect ideas in this area and work on the wiki.

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