Twitter Users Most Followed by the Web 2.0 Summit Crowd

I took the set of users who posted tweets containing the hashtag #w2s and determined who those users followed. Unlike the list of the most followed users in all of Twitter, the list isn’t dominated by celebrities. (A few coders landed in the top 50.) Regular Radar readers will be familiar with many of the users listed below: over 20 of the top 50 are based in the SF Bay Area. Of the over 700 users I identified, a third follow Tim:


UPDATE: Pete Warden has been doing similar analysis to help conference organizers and attendees. He goes a step further and monitors conversations (one twitter user mentioning another user, and vice-versa). Here is Pete’s network graph of the recent Web 2.0 Summit.

(†) Data for this post was pulled on 10/27/2009. Using the Twitter search API, I was able to identify 1,500 relevant tweets and over 700 unique users responsible for those tweets. Given that I likely omitted earlier tweets, the results are at best an approximation of the true top 50 list.

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  • I’d be interested to know: did any of the top 50, top 100 or whatever not tweet “#w2s” themselves?

    :) nmw

    • Hi Norbert,
      I didn’t check which of the top 50 used the #w2s hashtag. I did update my post to highlight related work by Pete Warden, that may shed light to your question.

  • If you could map that against number of tweets per day, that may indicate which people are worth following.

    Tim is obviously worth following as he gives useful info and doesn’t flood you with info.

    Others (some might be on that list) tweet nonsense or too many @person messages.

    Any idea when we could have something like that?

    Then you’d get recommendations of who it was worth following :)

  • Teo

    It would also be interesting to see who impressed at the summit, by mapping the delta of followers of those who gave talks, pre and post summit.

  • Caleb Elston

    Can you make a Twitter list of these people so we could easily follow them?

  • I started analyzing conference Tweets back @ AlwaysOn Summit @ Stanford.

    I wrote a post a week ago about the top 50 Tweets I found most interesting from the Web 2.0 Summit.

    Here they are in no particular order:

  • Den – hash tags in O’Reilly circle