More on how web performance impacts revenue…

At Velocity this year Microsoft, Google and Shopzilla each presented data on how web performance directly impacts revenue.

Their data showed that slow sites get fewer search queries per user, less revenue per visitor, fewer clicks, fewer searches, and lower search engine rankings. They found that in some cases even after site performance was improved users continued to interact as if it was slow. Bad experiences have a lasting influence on customer behavior.

What about smaller websites that aren’t yet at this scale?

Alistair Croll and Sean Power, the authors of the new book Complete Web Monitoring, have continued this research for sites at smaller scale.

They used a Strangeloop Networks web acceleration appliance to optimize half the sessions to a smaller production website, tagging optimized and unoptimized visitors so they could be analyzed in Google Analytics. The Strangeloop device applies many of Steve Souders’ performance rules to an existing site automatically (a kind of “Steve-in-a-Box” ;-).

The results of their analysis show how significant a reduction in page latency can be. In addition to reducing bounce rates, and increasing pages per visit & time on site, they found a 16.07% increase in conversion rates and a 5.50% increase in average order value.


Check out the full post on the Watching Websites blog.

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