Four short links: 21 December 2009

Social Networking Data, Memory Tech, Sim News, Microbe Jalopy Breakthrough

  1. A Taxonomy of Social Networking Data (Bruce Schneier) — he divides information by who gave it, why, and who controls it. Useful to remember that not all social data are equal.
  2. Five Ways to Revolutionise Computer Memory (New Scientist) — the physics and economics of new memory technology.
  3. News at Seven — project to automatically generate news report, complete with Flash-animated news readers and text-to-speech voices. A project from the Intelligent Information Lab at Northwestern University.
  4. Bacteria-Powered Micro-MachinesA few hundred bacteria are working together in order to turn the gear. When multiple gears are placed in the solution with the spokes connected like in a clock, the bacteria will begin turning both gears in opposite directions and it will cause the gears to rotate in synchrony for a long time. Video embedded below (via BoingBoing)
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  • LPT

    The Bacteria-Powered Machines look amazing!
    But I wonder what is the application of these things, or just another ‘for fun’ activity.
    Anyway, it MAY become a breakthrough at sometime, when we can program the bacteria like bits and bytes, for example.

  • John Riphart

    If you have a watch powered by bacteria, and you spray it with an antibacterial, will it stop working?

  • Binal

    Would you please check the weblink for second topic from browser?

  • Wayne

    I clicked the second link and got a browser alert about being attacked by a virus.