Video: Roger Magoulas on The Next Device

Future at Work Series: Pico Projectors and OLED Screens

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I recently sat down with Roger Magoulas, Director of Research at O’Reilly to talk about what he is paying attention to these days. I thought we would do a single, quick segment for Radar. I was mistaken. I have broken out the interview into several parts and will release them weekly… Call it Wednesdays with Roger.

This episode touches on new devices that will shape how we work and get things done in the future including Pico projectors and OLED screens.

I would love to hear from people about what type of devices we should be paying attention to and why.

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  • Organic Compounds do seem like the next frontier in “semiconductor” electronics. Harnessing organic matter and making it as predictable as silicon etched circuits is a challenge. Once that challenge is overcome, we stand at the frontier of the next wave of devices.

  • paul martin

    It was interesting on the BBC Parliament channel when the ex-chairman of Cambridge Uni Oled stood up and said that they were supported by a small town in Germany to build a factory. There is another new one for screen printing in the North East of England and that is one of the USPs which you indirectly refer to when you mention silicon and etching. These two factories did not need the investment of a small country – this is the drive for the rise of organics. Indeed Langmuir Film devicess can be made at home in your bath.

  • What a great video – thanks. Love the ideas about smaller is better, especially the pico projectors. I wrote a blog about the idea of trying to forecast the future in terms of technology which may be of interest to viewers of this video. It’s called Integrating Campaigns