Four short links: 13 January 2010

Hacked Watch, Hackable Watch, Alpha Biogeeks, and a Tech Sweet Spot

  1. Telling Time with Open Realtime DataSony Ericsson MBW-150 bluetooth watch, showing the next few SF Muni bus arrival times for a nearby stop. The code to fetch the arrival times is running on my Droid phone, and communicating with the watch using Marcel Dopita’s OpenWatch software for the Android platform. This is a neat hack, and reminds us that every object on our person could be programmed. (via Brian Jepson)
  2. EZ430 Chronos — wireless, programmable, pressure sensor, accelerometer, temperature sensor, all in a watch. (via Makezine)
  3. Developing Bioinformatics Methodsthe best method developers, in general, are those people who are both developers and users of their own methods. Regardless of what field you’re in, look for the alpha geeks: those who have both a problem and the means to solve it.
  4. How to Innovate Using Existing Technology (Caterina Fake) — interesting observation, that there’s a sweet spot between “just a feature” and “needs ten years of basic research in academia” to get something that’s defensible, useful, and achievable with the means of a startup. I’m a big fan of augmented human skill: using computers to make humans more effective at doing what humans are good at.
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