Four short links: 15 June 2010

Bookmarking, Open Notebook Science, Starbucks, and Documentation

  1. On Bookmarking: Dogears and Marginalia — asking the question “how do you bookmark in real life?”. I’m interested because I have recently begun obsessively collecting the good quotes and references from books I read, thanks to Amazon Kindle app’s highlights. (via titine on Delicious)
  2. Systems for Open Electronic Lab Notebooks — question from a very respected scientist (Jonathan Eisen, king of the phylogenetic tree and “phylogenomics” on Twitter) about tools and software for open lab notebooks. Turns out it’s by no means a solved problem, so a good hacker working with such a lab could do some good things for science.
  3. Starbucks, Wifi, Paid Content (ReadWriteWeb) — Starbucks announced free wifi, from which customers can access content they’d otherwise have to pay for (e.g., WSJ). Interesting to me for several reasons: libraries also offer access to information you’d otherwise not have access to; and Starbucks are turning the physical store into a virtual one as well.
  4. Writing Great Documentation (Jacob Kaplan-Moss) — it’s all true, read it and write.
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  • bowerbird

    hey nat…

    the “bookmarking” item is the type that i would comment on,
    ordinarily… but given that i am now being censored over on
    the t.o.c. blog here at o’reilly dot com, i’ve decided that i will
    no longer post to any of your blogs any more, including radar.

    so this is my last post to you, nat, to say thanks for the fish,
    and to point you to another blog where i addressed the point:

    can’t say if i’ll continue reading, but do keep up the good work.