Hiring trends among the major platform players

The battle for the Internet's points of control requires amassing talent.

After re-reading Tim’s post on the major internet platform players, I looked at recent hiring trends* among the companies he highlighted. First I examined year-over-year changes in number of job postings (from Aug to Oct 2009 vs. Aug to Oct 2010). Consistent with the recent flurry of articles about hiring wars, all the companies (except for Yahoo) increased** their number of job postings. Winning the battle for the Internet’s points of control requires amassing talent:


Below is the breakdown by most popular occupations over the last three months:


[For a similar breakdown by location (most popular metro areas), click HERE.]

(*) Using data from a partnership with SimplyHired, we maintain a data warehouse that includes most U.S. online job postings dating back to late 2005. Since there are no standard data formats for job postings across employment sites, algorithms are used to detect duplicate job postings, companies, occupations, and metro areas. The algorithms are far from perfect, so the above results are at best extremely rough estimates.

(**) As a benchmark, the total number of job postings in our entire data warehouse of jobs grew 68% from Aug/Oct 2009 to Aug/Oct 2010.

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