Video pick: A real-time translating app

Word Lens translates Spanish text to English and vice versa.

The Babel fish may have met its match in Word Lens, an iPhone app that automatically translates printed words from one language to another (it only handles Spanish-to-English and vice versa for now).

Here’s the demo:

O’Reilly author Alasdair Allan (@aallan), a guy who knows a thing or two about augmented reality, ran the app through its paces. His verdict? The grammar engine doesn’t work as well as the video suggests, but Allan says the app is “entirely usable.”

For kicks, Allan tested the app against the BBC’s Spanish test. Despite not speaking a word of Spanish, Allan (and the app) got a perfect score. See photo below.

Word Lens
Word Lens takes the BBC’s Spanish test. Results aren’t perfect, but they’re certainly usable. Click to enlarge.

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