Developer Week in Review: Oracle sends Hudson on its way

Can Hudson and Jenkins get together now? Washington checks in on location. And why are you so stressed?

Lesson for the week: If you really want to stir up an anthill, attack the conventional wisdom of code development best practices.

In other news …

Another piece of Sun falls off the good ship Oracle

At this point, I could almost follow the practice of Gregg Easterbrook ‘s Tuesday Morning Quarterback and put this text on Autotext, but in the past week, Oracle cast off another piece of their acquired Sun technology. In this case, it was the integrated build platform “Hudson.” Either fed up with the infighting that had led to the spin-off “Jenkins” project, or simply unable to figure out a way to monetize the code, Oracle threw up their hands and gave the whole shebang to Eclipse.

The open question now is whether this will lead to a reconciliation between the Jenkins and Hudson clans, and a return to a single unified project. It would be nice to see an alternative to the divisiveness that has led to the myriad MySQL forks now populating the universe.

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Probably not what Google wanted at the top of the news cycle

Google made some significant announcements about the future of Android to kick off the yearly Google I/O developer-fest. However, some of the news cameras were also focused on the other coast, where Google and Apple executives were being grilled by Senator Stuart Smalley Al Franken about their location monitoring practices.

While lawsuits spring up like flowers in May, Apple has scrambled to push a new iOS release into the wild that drastically reduces the quantity of location data stored on phones. The company also published a fairly exhaustive explanation of why they were storing the data in the first place.

You’re a developer, relax!

Good news for all you code rats up to your necks in missed deadlines and burdensome processes. You actually work in the third least-stressful job on earth! Two immediate points to come mind:

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