Winners of the writable API competition

Announcing the three prize winners of the O'Reilly writable API competition.

Last month we
ran a developer competition around the newly released Fluidinfo
for O’Reilly books and authors. The three judges — Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly editor Mike Loukides, and O’Reilly GM Joe Wikert — have today
announced the winners.

First prize: Book Chirpa

Book Chirpa

gets first prize for Book Chirpa. Mark
wins an OSCON package that
includes a full conference pass, coach airfare from within the US, and 4
nights hotel accommodation. Book Chirpa was
built to explore what
people on Twitter are saying about O’Reilly books
.” It can show you
the stream of O’Reilly book mentions, trending books, or a virtual library
of all O’Reilly books mentioned on Twitter.

Second prize: Skillshelves


Jonas Neubert gets second prize for Skillshelves. Jonas wins his choice
of either an iPad 2 or
a Xoom
tablet. Skillshelves lets
you “Show the world what tech topics you are an expert in — simply
by making a list of O’Reilly books in your bookshelf.”

Third prize: FluidCV


Eric Seidel gets third prize for
FluidCV. Eric wins his choice
of $500 worth of O’Reilly ebooks and/or videos. FluidCV pulls
together information for your CV from tags in Fluidinfo, allowing the
dynamic construction of a CV just by tagging relevant objects in
Fluidinfo. Tag an O’Reilly book in Fluidinfo and the book cover and
associated skill automatically appears in your CV. Eric’s own
FluidCV can be seen

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who entered.

[Disclosure: Tim O’Reilly is an investor in Fluidinfo.]


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  • Thanks for a great contest and data set. I learned a ton about Fluidinfo both from digging in to the site and from the contributions and openness of everyone competing.

    (Not to mention that I discovered several O’Reilly titles that have already made it into my library.)

  • And thanks for entering! Congrats :-) Please feel free to drop by #fluidinfo on IRC to receive your case of virtual champagne.

  • Congratulations to the winners. There were some very intriguing entries into the competition.

  • ina

    seeing how there were only four working entries in the contest, is it possible that the fourth working entry get the leftover tablet?