Top Stories: December 12-16, 2011

Five data predictions for 2012, a Kindle Single and long-form journalism, and the frustrations of the mobile experience.

Here’s a look at the top stories published across O’Reilly sites this week.

Five big data predictions for 2012
The coming year of big data will bring developments in streaming data frameworks and data marketplaces, along with a maturation in the roles and processes of data science.

A war story, a Kindle Single, and hope for long-form journalism
Instead of walking his latest long-form story door to door, freelance journalist Marc Herman decided to blaze his own trail — he published the story as a Kindle Single. In this interview, he talks about the Kindle Single experience and offers his take on the future of journalism.

You can’t get away with a bad mobile experience anymore
Mobile used to carry built-in caveats around speed and design, but those excuses are now wearing thin. In this interview, Strangeloop’s Joshua Bixby examines the evolution of mobile expectations and how companies should adapt.

An angel who bets on women-led companies
Joanne Wilson discusses becoming an angel investor, how investors can help change the ratio of women CEOs, and the Mars versus Venus approach to entrepreneurialism.

Where is the OkCupid for elections?
What will be the “OkCupid for elections” in 2012? Open-source app offers one approach, and startup ElectNext is applying data analysis with an issue-matching engine.

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