Four short links: 27 January 2012

Hosting Jurisdiction, Net Serendipity, Kindle Autographs, and Text Box Hackery

  1. Data Jurisdiction — information from the NineFold hosting company in Australia. Has some Aussie-specific content, but would be great to see this internationalized. (via Lachlan Hardy)
  2. Anatomy of an Idea (Steven Johnson) — people who think the Web is killing off serendipity are not using it correctly. Lovely glimpse at how he works, chasing trails of ideas down and using Google and Twitter for research. (via Maria Popova)
  3. Autograph Stickers for Kindle Books (Clay Johnson) — clever solution to the “but I can’t get my Kindle book autographed!”.
  4. TextExt.js — Javascript to extend textboxes with tags, prompting, autocomplete, and more. (via Javascript Weekly)
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