Four short links: 16 March 2012

Squirrel Targeting with Computer Vision, Audio Recognition, Single Page Apps, and Persisting at Failing

  1. Militarizing Your Backyard With Python and Computer Vision (video) — using a water cannon, computer video, Arduino, and Python to keep marauding squirrel hordes under control. See the finished result for Yakkity Saxed moist rodent goodness.
  2. Soundbite — dialogue search for Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Boris Soundbite quickly and accurately finds any word or phrase spoken in recorded media. Shoot squirrels with computer vision, search audio with computer hearing. We live in the future, people. (via Andy Baio)
  3. Single Page Apps with Backbone.js — interesting and detailed dissection of how one site did it. Single page apps are where the server sends back one HTML file which changes (via Javascript) in response to the user’s activity, possibly with API calls happening in the background, but where the browser is very definitely not requesting more full HTML pages from the server. The idea is to have speed (pull less across the wire each time the page changes) and also to use the language you already know to build the web page (Javascript).
  4. Why Finish Books? (NY Review of Books) — the more bad books you finish, the fewer good ones you”ll have time to start. Applying this to the rest of life is left as an exercise for the reader.
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  • seems computer vision is a little bit mixed up with sound bite :)

  • Chris Spurgeon

    Re finishing books, I adopted a rule of thumb that has helped me. I give a book two hours of solid reading (about the same amount of time that I would spend in a movie). If I’m hating it by then I can say goodbye to it with no feeling of failure or being a quitter.

    Big exception of course for books containing knowledge that I *must* have, such as a book covering a new computer language I must master for work. Then I look at my mortgage bill and my kids’ college tuition bills, and get back to it.

    When I’m reading a book that is stumping me on an intellectual level, say a book on string theory, I use the technique that Rene Decarte used. When I reach the point where I say “I’m lost.” I go back to page one and start over. More often than not, I’ll get past my original sticking point. If I get stuck again further on, I just repeat the process. Sure, you may end up reading page one half a dozen times, but it seems to work.

  • Chris

    The Pycon “Militarizing Your Backyard With Python and Computer Vision” talk just totally made my morning. Informative, lucid, entertaining and kind of brilliant. I have a new gold standard for tech talks.

  • Ian

    Boris Soundbite is simply amazing. It really finds words spoken or even phrases

  • I completly agree with you boris soundbite is very clever and usefull ap. i discovered it yesterday.