Theo Schlossnagle on DevOps as a career

A day in the life of DevOps, and the skills you'll need to enter the field.

In this new Velocity Podcast, I had a conversation with Theo Schlossnagle (@postwait), the founder and CEO of OmniTI. This conversation centers mostly on DevOps as a discipline and career. Theo, as always, has some interesting insights into DevOps and how to build a successful career in this industry.

Our conversation lasted 00:13:21. If you want to pinpoint any particular topic, you can find the specific timing below. I will apologize now: Theo’s image froze a couple minutes into our conversation, but since it was our second attempt at this, and it is a conversation, I feel the content of his answers is what most of us what to hear, not whether or not he is smiling or gesturing.

  • Are we splitting hairs with our terms of WebOps, DevOps, WebDev, etc? 00:00:42
  • What are the important goals developers should have in mind when building Systems that Operate? 00:01:28
  • How do you define, spec and set best practices for your DevOps organization so that your whole team is working well? 00:02:38
  • What does a typical day look like in the DevOps world? 00:03:39
  • What are the key attributes and skills someone should have to become a skilled DevOps? 00:04:50
  • What is the hardest to master for a young DevOps, security, scalability, reliability or performance?00:06:22
  • Is DevOps more of a craft, discipline, methodology, way of thinking, what is it?00:07:35
  • If your DevOps is operating well, do you notice it and how do you measure it if all is well?00:08:47
  • What do you think the most significant thing a sharp DevOps person can contribute to an organization, and how do they know if they have achieved excellence? 00:10:16

If you would like to hear Theo speak on “It’s All About Telemetry,” he is presenting at the 2012 Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. on Tuesday 6/26/12 at 1:00pm. We hope to see you there.

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