Four short links: 21 June 2012

Randomized Trials for Policy, Crowdfunding Equity, Safe DIYBio, and Easy Unique Experiences

  1. Test, Learn, Adapt (PDF) — UK Cabinet Office paper on randomised trials for public policy. Ben Goldacre cowrote.
  2. UK EscapeTheCity Raises GBP600k in Crowd Equity — took just eight days, using the Crowdcube platform for equity-based crowd investment.
  3. DIY Bio SOPs — CC-licensed set of standard operating procedures for a bio lab. These are the SOPs that I provided to the Irish EPA as part of my “Consent Conditions” for “Contained Use of Class 1 Genetically Modified Microorganisms”. (via Alison Marigold)
  4. Shuffling Cards — shuffle a deck of cards until it’s randomised. That order of cards probably hasn’t ever been seen before in the history of mankind.
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  • Interesting links, no doubt about it! I spend a good 2 hours trying to figure out that shuffling cards thing! Freaking maths messed with my head :)

  • The DIY Bio SOPs are a great idea. I’ve been rewriting a bunch of (non-bio-related) policies at work and it seems like they would be mostly common to similar organizations. Maybe I’ll have to see if someone else has already done my work for me :-)