A crazy awesome gaming infrastructure

Sarah Novotny on building high-performance gaming platforms.

In this Velocity Podcast, I had a conversation with Sarah Novotny (@sarahnovotny), CIO of Meteor Entertainment. This conversation centers mostly on building a high-performance gaming infrastructure and bridging the gap between IT and business. Sarah has some great insights into building an environment for human performance that goes along with your quest for more reliable, scalable, tolerant, and secure web properties.

Our conversation lasted 00:15:44 and if you want to pinpoint any particular topic, you can find the specific timing below. Sarah provides some of her background and experience as well as what she is currently doing at Meteor here. The full conversation is outlined below.

  • As a CIO, how do you bridge the gap between technology and business? 00:02:28
  • How do you educate corporate stakeholders about the importance of DevOps and the impact it can have on IT? 00:03:26
  • How does someone set up best practices in an organization? 00:05:24
  • Are there signals that DevOps is actually happening where development and operations are merging? 00:08:31
  • How do you measure performance and make large changes in an online game without disrupting players? 00:09:59
  • How do you prepare for scaling your crazy awesome infrastructure needed for game play? 00:12:28
  • Have you gathered metrics on public and private clouds and do you know which ones to scale to when needed? 00:14:03

In addition to her work at Meteor, Sarah is co-chair of OSCON 2012 (being held July 16-20 in Portland, Ore.). We hope to see you there. You can also read Sarah’s blog for more insights into what she’s up to.

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