Have a healthy conference

Basic tips for wholesome participation

In honor of the third health care track at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, I invite everyone to join me in five ways to have a healthy conference.

1. Take the stairs

No elevators, no escalators. Given the distance between floors at the Oregon Convention Center, regular stair use will tone you up.

2. Stand

Most people will need to sit during the conference talks and meals, so that everyone can see, but during in-between times, visit the exhibitors or just hang about in the halls and chat with your fellow OSConers.

3. Eat fruit or vegetables at every meal

The conference caterers provide ample opportunities for healthy eating.

4. Restrict yourself to one alcoholic beverage a day

Now I’m beginning to ask for difficult commitments. Don’t be seduced by all the vendor receptions; just have your drink and get home early for a sleep that will keep you perky through the next day

5. Join the OSCon 5K run

Bring your running or walking shoes to join Nate DiNiro and friends in the “Couch to Quantified Self” run. Walkers are welcome too.

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  • Also: Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. You’re going to be interacting with a lot of people and their germs.

  • See you at the 5k! I’ll have done a long run earlier in the day, so will be taking it easy, but it’ll be nice to run with people.

    Also, regular sleep, and easy on the coffee. My free health tips.


  • Guest

    Useful, thanks — especially the advice to eat healthfully.

  • Andy Oram

    A couple more ideas suggested by a doctor friend of mine: drink water instead of soda or juice, and avoid large meals late at night.