Four short links: 26 September 2012

LIDAR for Mapping, Homebrew CoverFlow, Browser Exploitation, and Dependency Injection

  1. Wearable LIDAR Sensors for Mapping (BBC) — made at MIT from commodity hardware, The system is still a prototype, but when tested in closed hallways without any Global Positioning System (GPS) signal, it was able to precisely map the environment as the user was moving through it. (via Andrew Turner)
  2. Coverflow (Github) — an iPhone project implementing Coverflow using iOS 6 UICollectionViews and a custom UICollectionViewLayout […] I think the interpolation technique I use is rather neat and allows you to easily adjust the layout and behavior of the layout. (via Jonathan Wight)
  3. BEEF ProjectThe Browser Exploitation Framework. It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser.
  4. Dagger (Github) — A fast dependency injector for Android and Java. (via Chris Aniszczyk)
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