Latin America’s Media Party, Tow/ Knight Research Projects, and why necessity is the mother of invention.

Fun fact: Over the last 2 years, the Buenos Aires delegation of Hacks/Hackers has grown to be the second largest chapter in the world, with more than 2200 members. (New York City is the largest.) This weekend, the city hosts the second annual Media Party, one of the biggest events in the Americas for newsroom programmers and data journalists.  Featured guests include NPR news apps editor Brian Boyer, assistant editor for interactive news at The New York Times, Jacqui Maher, and Media Factory, Latin America’s first venture capital fund for emerging news organizations.

In fact, developing countries around the world have been hosting a brand new crop of data journalism initiatives. Most recently, the Canadian-based nonprofit, Journalists for Human Rights, collaborated with media outlets in Ghana to report several data-driven stories, like one that examined the frequency of paying bribes in Ghana. The Data Driven Journalism blog reported on the progress of the Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI), two years after its launch.  And 12 reporters from seven nations are learning data journalism as part of ‘Flag It’,  a training course designed by Ecolab in partnership with the European Youth Press.

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism has announced the first round of funded Tow/ Knight Research Projects, including The Sensor Journalism Project, which will explore new ways for ‘sensor journalists’ to use citizen science and community-based data collection, and the ‘Declassification Engine‘, an attempt to predict the contents of redacted text using natural language processing software.

À propos du journalisme, the Data Journalism Handbook is now available in French.

The deadline for the McGraw-Hill data journalism program is September 15th. The online course on finding, interpreting, and visualizing data is geared towards journalists who report on minority communities and other underserved populations.

And Claire Miller, head of the WalesOnline datastore for journalists, writes that when it comes to data journalism, necessity is the mother of invention.

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