A new data working group from BBC News, a data library adds uploading capabilities, and a timeline of data journalism.

BBC News is the latest media company to create a working group tasked with developing “innovative and experimental” journalism projects. The BBC ‘NewsLabs’ team will focus on data journalism and data visualization.  The Guardian calls it a  ‘back to the future’ move by the BBC’s new managing editor, James Harding.

After Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos announced this week that that Amazon may soon be making customer deliveries by drone, USA TODAY wondered whether newspaper delivery boys in Bezos’ jurisdiction should be worried.

Quandl, a one-year-old searchable data library for journalists and others, announced this week that it will soon be possible for users to upload their own data sets and make them searchable.  In an article about the new development on journalism.co.uk, Quandl was described as “the YouTube for data,” and later in the story, by the same person, as “the iTunes for data.”  I see.

Check out a timeline of the history of data journalism over on timetoast.com — among timelines for womens’ rights in America, the NFL’s greatest moments, and a timeline for events for boy band One Direction.

And finally, add one more voice to the chorus saying data content is the future of media.

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