Ann Waldo

Ann Waldo is a partner in the law firm of Wittie, Letsche & Waldo, LLP, providing legal counsel, public policy, and government advocacy on privacy, information management, and health policy. She focuses on HIPAA/HITECH and consumer health privacy and is particularly interested in novel issues involving heath information exchange, HIT, and innovation. She has extensive experience in privacy, having served as Chief Privacy Officer for two global companies. She graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Law with high honors in 1995.

Hawaii and health care: A small state takes a giant step forward

Hawaii's new law cuts through health care complexity. It's a move that should be lauded and copied.

In an era characterized by political polarization and legislative stalemate, the tiny state of Hawaii has just demonstrated extraordinary leadership. The rest of the country should now recognize, applaud, and most of all, learn from…
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