Doug Hill

Doug Hill is a journalist who's recently completed a book on the history and philosophy of technology, The Meanings of Steve: An Inquiry Into Our Relationship With Technology. He blogs at The Question Concerning Technology.

Steve Jobs, Romantic

What it means to marry technology and the humanities.

“… the season Wherein the spirits hold their wont to walk the fruitful matrix of Ghosts …”       — Samuel Taylor Coleridge Steve Jobs died a year ago October 5th, and we can expect his ghost to appear in any number of recollections and assessments as the anniversary approaches. I’d like to talk here about a spirit that Jobs…
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Utopia on a budget: A completely practical plan for regaining paradise

Reflections on Planetary Resources' asteroid mining project.

Planetary Resource's asteroid project is undeniably ambitious, yet in their press conference the company's executives took pains to emphasize the pragmatism of their approach.

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Foxconn and Ford, Emerson and Jobs

Foxconn and Ford, Emerson and Jobs

Considering the karmic implications of the assembly line.

Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on "Compensation" was a source of inspiration for Henry Ford. It also affirms some of the cosmic truths Steve Jobs held dear.

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The Falling Man and a center that cannot hold

Decoding "Mad Men's" symbol of overwhelming change.

Doug Hill on how we celebrate exponential technological advance while looking for ways to escape it.

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Steve Jobs, the Unabomber, and America's love/hate relationship with technology

Steve Jobs, the Unabomber, and America's love/hate relationship with technology

Technological schizophrenia is an American tradition.

Steve Jobs and Ted Kaczynski represent the extreme poles of a deep-seated ambivalence in our attitudes toward technology. It's an ambivalence that's been a part of American history, and part of the American psyche, since the beginning.

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The boffins and the luvvies

The boffins and the luvvies

The names may change, but the friction between science and art goes back centuries.

Whether we're discussing ancients vs. moderns, scientists vs. poets, or the latest variant, computer science vs. humanities, the debate between science and art is persistent and quite old.

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