Ezra Haber Glenn

Ezra Haber Glenn is a lecturer in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, where he teaches courses in quantitative reasoning and statistical methods, and the practice of community development. Prior to this position, he worked in local government in Massachusetts, and in 2002, he was named a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

He is the founder and executive director of Public Planning, Research, and Implementation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation established in 2002 to provide research and consulting services to public and nonprofit organizations. In his hometown, he is the president of the board of directors of the Somerville Community Corporation. He is also the author of the CityState blog.

The public front of the free software campaign: part I

A review of my discussion with Free Software Foundation's Zak Rogoff.

At a recent meeting of the MIT Open Source Planning Tools Group, I had the pleasure of hosting Zak Rogoff — campaigns manager at the Free Software Foundation — for an open-ended discussion on the potential for free and open tools for urban planners, community development organizations, and citizen activists. The conversation ranged over broad terrain…
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New hope for the vision of metropolitan regionalism

Web portals and mobile apps have the potential to facilitate regional collaboration between municipalities.

Editor’s note: this post originally appeared on Glenn’s CityState blog. This version has been lightly edited. Others have written — and I’m sure will continue to write — with enthusiasm and hyperbole about the ways that new web portals and mobile apps are changing the landscape of public participation and responsive city planning. It seems that we are constantly…
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