Jon Spinney

Jon is a freelance consultant and part-time lecturer with a 15-year professional track record in GIS and mobile location services fields.

Location in the Cloud (Part 2)

Social Location in the Cloud Part one of this two-part series on Location in the Cloud covered Wireless Location in the Cloud, noting that after ten years of wireless carrier control, it’s now finally possible to pull down the location of any mobile phone or connected machine-to-machine device from US wireless carrier clouds through mobile location aggregation services such as Veriplace. In…

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Location in the cloud (part 1)

I’m a guest blogger this week at the 2010 Where 2.0 conference. I’ve been working with mobile location services and systems since 2000. In lieu of a heavy focus on mobile at Where 2.0 this year, Brady Forrest invited me to write a few words and offer insights into a theme around two emerging areas of mobile location data access—Wireless…

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