Madhusudhan Konda

Madhusudhan Konda is a Java consultant working in London, primarily with investment banks and financial organizations. Having worked in enterprise and core Java for the last 14 years, his interests lie in distributed, multi-threaded, n-tier scalable and extensible architectures. He is experienced in designing and developing high-frequency and low-latency application architectures. He enjoys writing books, technical papers, reviews and is interested in mentoring. He's the author of O'Reilly's "Just" series: Just Spring, Just Spring Integration, Just Spring Data Access and Just Hibernate. He's currently working on Just Java 8, a sweet and simple book introducing Java Lambdas from the ground up.

A look at Java 7's new features

A survey of important updates and changes in Java 7.

From strings in switch statements to support for dynamically-typed languages, here's a look at notable features included in Java 7.

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