Renee DiResta

Renee DiResta is the Associate at O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, where she evaluates investment opportunities in early-stage technology companies. Prior to joining OATV, she was a trader at Jane Street Capital. She recently moved from NYC to San Francisco, and has begun the process of becoming more outdoorsy.

Big data and the “Big Lie”: the challenges facing big brand marketers

The challenge for companies of all sizes is how best to integrate the Don Drapers and the data scientists.

Previously, I wrote about the future of marketing being a fusion of the art of storytelling with the specificity of data and the objectivity of analytics.  Consumer attention is shifting from TV, print, and radio to digital, which has made tailored, real-time engagement with customers both possible and increasingly necessary. In a world of proliferating channels and constant…
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Demographics are dead: the new, technical face of marketing

Technology has changed the way we understand targeting and contextual relevance. How will marketing adapt?

Over the past five years, marketing has transformed from a primarily creative process into an increasingly data-driven discipline with strong technological underpinnings. The central purpose of marketing hasn’t changed: brands still aim to tell a story, to emotionally connect with a prospective customer, with the goal of selling a product or service. But while the need to tell an…
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Crowdfunding science

Micro-patronage could let researchers step around funding obstacles.

In our first science-as-a-service post, I highlighted some of the participants in the ecosystem. In this one, I want to share the changing face of funding. Throughout the 20th century, most scientific research funding has come from one of two sources: government grants or private corporations. Government funding is often a function of the political and economic climate, so…
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Science as a service

What happens when you apply software-as-a-service principles to science?

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the great innovations of Web 2.0. SaaS enables flexibility and customized solutions. It reduces costs — the cost of entry, the cost of overhead, and as a result, the cost of experimentation. In doing so, it’s been instrumental in spurring innovation. So, what if you were to apply the principles of…
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Wall Street’s robots are not out to get you

Putting high-frequency trading into perspective.

Technology is critical to today’s financial markets. It’s also surprisingly controversial. In most industries, increasing technological involvement is progress, not a problem. And yet, people who believe that computers should drive cars suddenly become Luddites when…
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