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What tools do you use for information gathering and publishing?

O'Reilly staffers reveal some of their go-to curation tools. We want to know yours, too.

Many apps claim to be the pinnacle of content consumption and distribution. Most are a tangle of silly names and bad interfaces, but some of these tools are useful. A few are downright empowering.

Finding those good ones is the tricky part. I queried O’Reilly colleagues to find out what they use and why, and that process offered a decent starting point. We put all our notes together into this public Hackpad — feel free to add to it. I also went through and plucked out some of the top choices. Those are posted below.

But I know I’m missing some good ones and that’s why I’m throwing this open for public discussion. Read more…

Publishing News: The standards of aggregation

Jim Romenesko quits after his attribution standards are questioned, Rakuten buys Kobo, and readers will wait for ebooks.

Jim Romenesko's departure raises questions about aggregation standards. Also, Japanese e-retailer Rakuten buys Kobo, and a new BISG study shows readers are embracing digital formats.

BookRiff: A marketplace for curators

A startup looks to give curators an outlet while keeping content owners happy.

BookRiff CEO Rochelle Grayson explains how her company will open new distribution and revenue streams for curators and content owners.

News organizations still party like it's 1899

Ben Huh's new project focuses on news presentation. Here he talks about who's doing it well.

Ben Huh, the CEO of Cheezburger, Inc., loves his Cheezburger project but is ready to engage in a fling with news. Huh's new Moby Dick project will address the limitations and frustrations of stagnant news presentation. In this short interview, Huh discusses news outlets that are headed in the right direction.

Publishing News: Curation for the Kindle

Curated Kindle content, digital lessons from a web documentary, and the pursuit of concise categorization.

In the latest Publishing News: Dave Pell describes his new Delivereads project, Pete Meyers says "Welcome to Pine Point" is innovative and plain lovely to look at, and Open Library's George Oates discusses how a minimum viable record might work.

Delivereads curates content for your Kindle

Dave Pell's Delivereads sends hand-picked web content to Kindles.

Curation just got a new platform — your Kindle. Dave Pell’s new project, Delivereads, delivers content from around the web via your Kindle email address.

An era in which to curate skills

Amidst disruption, publishing still relies on research, sales, authoring, and curation.

Three days of intensive discussion about the current state of publishing at TOC 2011 revealed that research, sales, authoring, and curation are all still important skills.

"Subscribers: 1"

I was blown away tonight to find that one of my favorite blogs has only one subscriber in Google Reader – me. How can this be? MADLEY (somewhat NSFW) is written by Cory Madley, a jewelry and clothing designer who owns a boutique in Venice, California. Each of her posts is almost completely visual – a compilation of (I take…

Excerpting Best Practices Hinge on Intent

A piece in the New York Times reignites the fair use debate by asking: How much excerpting does fair use cover? It's a reasonable question, particularly since Google News, the Huffington Post and countless other sites rely on excerpt aggregation to drive traffic and sell ads. But the rules of excerpting are also — to steal a line from Steve…

Tagging the Real World through Barcode Apps

Mobile phones with barcode apps bring digital tools into real-world curation.