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Who owns patient data?

Look inside health data access and you'll see why "ownership" is inadequate for patient information.

Patients, doctors and providers have a unique set of privileges that do not line up exactly with a traditional concept of ownership.

Can Future Advisor be the self-driving car for financial advice?

A startup mashes personal and government data with algorithms to provide automated advice.

Given the turmoil in financial markets and uncertainty abroad, good financial advice has never been more valuable. Startup Future Advisor looks to democratize personalized financial advice using the Internet, data and algorithms.

Strata Week: MIT and Massachusetts bet on big data

MIT and Massachusetts plan a big data initiative, Cisco predicts the Internet's big data future.

MIT announces a big data research center, Cisco predicts the future of the Internet (in zettabytes), and open data startup Junar announces seed funding.

Visualization of the Week: Urban metabolism

Visualizing cities' energy usage, population density, and material intensity.

This week's visualization is an interactive web-mapping tool that lets you explore energy usage, material intensity and the overall "urban metabolism" of major U.S. cities.

Profile of the Data Journalist: The Data News Editor

John Keefe learned data journalism from the online community and applied it to public radio.

John Keefe is a senior editor for data news and journalism technology at WNYC public radio, based in New York City, NY. He attracted widespread attention when an online map he built using available data beat the Associated Press with Iowa caucus results earlier this year.

A brief history of data journalism

Key milestones in data journalism's development.

In this excerpt from "The Data Journalism Handbook," Liliana Bounegru connects the dots between the earliest forms of data journalism, the rise of computer-assisted reporting, and today's data-driven media efforts.

What it takes to build great machine learning products

Rich machine learning products come from skilled and knowledgeable teams.

Specific insights into a problem and careful model design separate a machine learning system that doesn't work from one that people will actually use.

Data as seeds of content

A look at lesser-known ways to extract insight from data.

Visualizations are one way to make sense of data, but they aren't the only way. Robbie Allen reveals six additional outputs that help users derive meaningful insights from data.

Data’s next steps

RedMonk's Steve O'Grady weighs in on data's pressing issues.

Redmonk analyst Steve O'Grady discusses the demand for data scientists, the problem of using data to asking the right questions, and why you shouldn't rush into a NoSQL investment.