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Health care at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention — Call for Proposals is open

Health care at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention — Call for Proposals is open

We're planning to build on our coverage of last year's topics as well
as add some topics that got short shrift last year.

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Nationwide Health Information Network hackathon: Direct Project reaches milestone

The basic goal of this network is to allow health care providers to
exchange data on patients who move from one institution to
another. The hackathon will take place on October 27 and 28 and can
benefit from the participation of any programmers using Java and C#.

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Health Care 2.0 Challenge announces winners: focus on access to Practice Fusion

Illustrating both the power of coordinated patient information and the
commercial benefits of offering an API for data access, Practice
Fusion and Critical Systems came together, along with many other
developers, around the Health Care 2.0 challenge.

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VistA scenarios, and other controversies at the Open Source health care track

The history and accomplishments attributed to VistA, the Veterans
Administration's core administrative software, mark it as one of the
most impressive software projects in history. Still, lots of smart
people in the health care field deprecate VistA and cast doubt that it
could ever be widely adopted.

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What I like about the health care technology track at the Open Source convention

The health care technology track at the Open Source convention
touches on core areas for improvement: patient-centered care, the use of
mobile devices, administrative efficiencies, and the collection,
processing, and display of statistics to improve health care

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Report from Health Information Technology in Massachusetts

When politicians organize a conference, there’s obviously an
agenda–beyond the published program–but I suspect that it differed
from the impressions left by speakers and break-out session attendees
at Health
Information Technology: Creating Jobs, Reducing Costs, & Improving

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Why health care is coming to the Open Source convention

This year for the first time, O’Reilly’s Open Source convention
contains a track on health care IT. The call for
just went up, soliciting proposals on nine broad
areas of technology including health data exchange, mobile devices,
and patient-centered care. IT specialists and programmers across the country who have lost their employment or are just seeking new challenges will naturally be wondering what health care IT is and how they can get into it. A health care track at OSCon is, to start with, a natural way to serve our core audience.

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