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Health care projects could yield templates for tackling big problems

U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra discusses the Direct Project and the Blue Button initiative.

U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra on how the transparent process that led to the Direct Project could serve as a template for solving other problems.

Analysis: A defining moment for "meaningful use"

How new rules will affect patients, providers, and electronic records.

Rules have been relaxed and "meaningful use" has been clarified, but what does that mean for patients and health care providers? Brian Ahier examines the near-term specifics of the new meaningful use guidelines and he looks ahead to their long-term repercussions.

Health Care Challenge combines patient empowerment and data crunching

Two unifying threads ties together all the challenges, indirectly showing the way the health care field is heading: involving the patients in their own care, and collecting and sharing data.

Open source and the VA's health transformation

Joseph Dal Molin on how the VistA system is changing health services.

Joseph Dal Molin, co-founder of the WorldVistA project and a speaker at the upcoming OSCON convention, discusses the Department of Veterans Affairs' VistA system and its expansion as an open source effort.

Here come the healthcare apps

A look at the applications -- and the big opportunities -- showcased at the Community Health Data Forum.

Availability of government healthcare data is giving rise to an ecosystem of innovative applications, many of which were on display at the Community Health Data Forum. We take a look at some of the most promising health-data apps showcased at the event.

Making community health information as useful as weather data

Open health data from Health and Human Services is driving more than 20 new apps.

The chief technology office of Health and Human Services, Todd Park, is fond of using the National Ocean and Oceanographic Association as a metaphor for the innovation that may be unlocked through releasing public data. NOAA data underpins Weather.com and nearly every commercial meteorological service in the United States. Park has been working closely with other government officials and the technology community to create a framework for government to act as a platform through the Community Health Data Initiative.

Report from Health Information Technology in Massachusetts

When politicians organize a conference, there’s obviously an
agenda–beyond the published program–but I suspect that it differed
from the impressions left by speakers and break-out session attendees
at Health
Information Technology: Creating Jobs, Reducing Costs, & Improving

First impression: Health reform and Health IT

An early look at how the healthcare reform law will affect health IT

Brian Ahier is examining important health IT elements included in the new health reform package (no easy feat given the sheer size of document). Here, he weighs in with a few early impressions.