What is HTML5?

What is HTML5?

Once you really understand HTML5, you'll change the way you think about the web.

HTML5, when used both as the 21st century web suggests and as the original HTML specification allows, is best at interconnecting things.

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Checking in on HTML5 video

Checking in on HTML5 video

YouTube's Greg Schechter on HTML5's place in the video world.

HTML5 video still needs work, but YouTube's Greg Schechter says it's heading in a good direction. In this interview, Schechter explains how HTML5 video introduces new needs and new opportunities.

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Four short links: 30 May 2011

Four short links: 30 May 2011

Tables to Charts, Crowdsourcing Incentives, Domain Boondoggles, and Conquering Complexity

  1. Chartify — jQuery plugin to create Google charts from HTML tables. (via Rasmus Sellberg)
  2. Designing Incentives for Crowdsourcing Workers (Crowdflower) — In a tough turn for the sociologists and psychologists, none of the purely social/psychological treatments had any significant effects at all.
  3. The gTLD BoondoggleICANN promised back in 1998 that they would bring the world lots of new domains. So far they haven’t, the world has not come to an end, and the Internet has not collapsed. The absence of demand for new TLDs from actual users (as opposed to domain promoters and the occasional astroturf) is deafening. What we do see is a lot of concern that there will be more mistakes like .XXX, and pressure from governments both via the GAC and directly to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It’s a bugger when you go hunting for a new product’s domain name and realize “all the good ones are taken”, but that’s an argument against domain squatters/speculators not an argument for opening up new top-level-domain vistas.
  4. Atul Gawande’s Medical School Commencement Address (New Yorker) — every lesson in here about healthcare is just as applicable to software development. Read it. (via Courtney Johnston)
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Four short links: 27 October 2010

Four short links: 27 October 2010

Cleaning HTML, 3D Android Home, Autoupdating, Data Refining

  1. Bleach — HTML sanitizer, which some might say is an impossible task.
  2. TAT Home — a gesture-powered 3d home screen for Android.
  3. Omaha — the autoupdater used in Chrome and other Google projects, open sourced.
  4. Google Refine — Freebase GridWorks has new home and new name, with new checkins happening all the time. An excellent ETL tool for figuring out what data you have and getting it into the right format.
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An Open, Webby, Book-Publishing Platform

This short article outlines some ideas about an open source, online platform for making books, based on WordPress.

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Four short links: 9 April 2010

Four short links: 9 April 2010

ACTA, Librarianship, HTML Magic, and Understanding Data

  1. PublicACTA — conference to critique the ACTA draft and offer better principles for the negotiators. It will be streamed online, and you’ll be able to watch Michael Geist, Kim Weatherall, and other speakers as well as follow the issues and drafting process. Raw notes and drafts will be on the web site throughout the day. I’m MCing.
  2. The Library is the Machine — article about the relationship of libraries to catalogues, errors, authoritative information, and the lessons for this new world of data we’re building. (via staplegun on Twitter)
  3. Parchment — all-Javascript z-code interpreter. Z-code is the basis of Infocom-style text adventures (“interactive fiction” to aficionados). Impressive for the decoding, interpretation, and speed. The web still surprises me with what it can do and how well it does it. If only it had an app store *cough*.
  4. Fixing the Budget — the Economist polled Americans on the budget deficit. Overwhelmingly they want to cut spending and not raise taxes. When asked where to cut spending, the only agreement was on topics responsible for a few percent of the overall budget. This is why Budget Hero is so important: we need more SimCity-like exploration tools that let you say “what if we did (my favourite policy)?” and see what it does to not just next year’s deficit but those that our children will inherit.
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Four short links: 8 April 2010

Four short links: 8 April 2010

0Day BLINK, Code Review, Business Models, and Cognitive Visualization

  1. BLINK Tag Security Advisory — sounds April 1sty, but WebKit had an executable code vulnerability related to use of the BLINK tag. (via followr on Twitter)
  2. Gerrita web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system. (via mattb on Delicious)
  3. Open Source Business Models (PDF) — presentation by Matt Aslett of The 451 Group, giving a framework for understanding how license, community, development model, and business model interact. Was a talk at OSBC. (via Stephen Wall)
  4. Graphical Perception: Learn the Fundamentals First (Flowing Data) — a list of visual cues ordered by how well people perceive them, and examples of how they’re used in visualizations. Visualization isn’t just art, there’s science behind it and just as great artists know the science behind their medium, great data artists understand the cognitive science behind their techniques.
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Four short links: 1 February 2010 Four short links: 1 February 2010

Four short links: 1 February 2010

Android Charting, Trojan Cameras, Web-based IDE, Projected UIs

  1. Chartdroid — an open source charting library for Android.
  2. China Bugs and Burgles BritainThe gifts — cameras and memory sticks — have been found to contain electronic Trojan bugs which provide the Chinese with remote access to users’ computers. Beware geeks bearing gifts.
  3. Bespin — sexy HTML5 “code-in-the-cloud” IDE from Mozilla Labs. If the future is truly in locked-down hack-free devices whose only interface to the world is through the web browser, these sorts of IDEs are going to become critical for finding and raising the next generation of hackers.
  4. Light Blue Optics’ Light Touch turns any surface into a color touchscreen display (Engadget) — projects a UI and a built-in camera picks up your interactions with it.
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Google I/O keynote, day 1

Just one very quick note: When Apple released the iPhone, I said that they had changed the game. Not because they had created the coolest, prettiest phone in history, but because had a phone with a real browser that suppported real HTML with real JavaScript. You can write cool apps in Cocoa, sure. But what's more important is that you…

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Tor.com Woos Sci-Fi Fans with Free Ebooks

Taking a page from the Baen playbook, Tor.com, a division of Macmillan, is giving away 24 science fiction ebook titles through July 27. The ebooks are available in PDF, HTML and Mobi formats. (Via News.com) Cory Doctorow: "Science Fiction is the Only Literature People Care Enough About to Steal on the Internet." Free Ebooks with Embedded Ads Via Scribd-Lulu…

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