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Story first, interactivity second

Jos Carlyle on creating successful children's book apps.

In this TOC podcast, Persian Cat Press creative director Jos Carlyle talks about the company's new book, "The Gift," and what goes into building a successful children's book app.

In the case of interactivity, we're still at the phase of irrational enthusiasm

Theodore Gray on employing — or not employing — interactive elements in books.

In this interview, Theodore Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research, Inc., addresses the use of interactivity in books. He says the principles of minimalism apply and that "[i]nteractivity for its own sake is a bad thing: It should always be serving communication."

10 innovative digital books you should know about

A look at 10 envelope-pushing digital books.

These days, Peter Meyers is knee-deep in digital books. Here he shares 10 of the best digital / interactive texts he's run across.

Part book, part film, part website

A web-based documentary creates a new kind of reading experience.

Peter Meyers has been writing about and helping create digital books for about 15 years, and during that time he hasn't seen anything as innovative, as well executed, and as plain lovely to look at as "Welcome to Pine Point."